Planning a Wedding? Know Someone Who Is?

How to Minimize Wedding Planning
Stress and Conflict for Family Harmony

What's Inside

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* 20 Ways to Save Money - how one family saved over $10,000

* If We Had It To Do Over - couples and parents say what they
would have done differently.

* Wedding Day Emergency Kit - don't leave home without it!

* The Big Day Stress Reducers - better than aspirin!

* Who Pays for What: Traditionally - a good starting point.

* 15 Lists of Questions to Ask Vendors

* Stress Reducer "Mindsets" for Couples and Parents

* Bonus Stress Reducer: Destination Weddings

* Special Report: Booking Vendors in the Wedding Explosion Age

"This is a great gift for family and friends. I plan to buy
copies for every couple and their parents as they
announce their engagements!"

Marilyn (NY) mother of the groom

........ Are you anxious about dealing
with these common wedding
planning stressors?

-- Controlling Behavior
-- Refusal to Compromise
-- Difficult Personalities
-- Constant Stress and Conflict
-- Exes and Step Family Issues
-- Complicated Relationships
-- Problems Without Apparent Solutions

It's no surprise that 96% of brides freak out
about planning their weddings and 86% say
that family conflict is the main reason.*

What should be a joyful experience can
easily turn exasperating and frustrating.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Now you can reduce angst
and have a load of fun
planning your wedding!

Based on personal experience, talking
with couples, parents and wedding
professionals, we'll show you how to
nip arguments in the bud before they
ever happen. Everyone can collaborate
for the best possible Big Day and beyond!

Designed to be a frequently used
guidebook as specific situations arise,
use the essential Wedding Survival Kit
throughout your wedding planning process.

44 bite-size "Stress Reducers" and over 100
"anxiety alleviators" and hands-on ideas help
you minimize conflicts in specific situations,
by presenting points of view from both the
couple and parents. Click to see examples:

#23 Who Pays for What: The Wedding

#3 "It's Our Wedding!" vs. "It's Our Money!"

#13 You Want to Invite Who?&!@#$%

"Something that I really enjoyed about the book is that it
is from the perspective of parents who have actually lived
and relived the planning process. I think the book hits on
a lot of great points that a lot of people do not think
about till it's too late. It was a great and informational
read that I think rookie parent wedding planners will
find very valuable."

Kirsten (CA) former wedding planner, now planning
her own wedding

"I enjoyed the 'down to earth' comparisons that connects
the authors to the reader in a relatable way. I also
thought these< stress reducers were the biggest take
away for anyone in the thick of planning now. Great to
have in one location."

Mandy (NJ) newlywed

Two Special Family Profiles

#1: An Exceptional Wedding Planning Experience

Meet the Pitonyak family. No stress. No conflict. Easy
peesy. Everyone's wishes carefully considered. No demands.

No angst. Learn how they did it to ensure the Big Day
would be special in every way possible!

#2: Special Touches That Made This Wedding Extraordinary

A special song written by mom and dad for the bride.
Sung by a long-time family friend.
The ceremony officiated by the bride's brother.
The bride's birth family reunited for this celebration.

Read what they did and how they did it!

"EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! There's so much to like in this
book. You covered everything and plenty of things I didn't
even think about. The key words for our three stress-free
weddings were flexibility and compromise - you guys clearly
embrace them. As a parent, all we want is for our children
to have great memories of that day and be a part of it.

People just don't know what they don't know. Situations
that can't be worked out could lead to a lifetime of
problems. But you all wrote a book that can help people
avoid those pitfalls. I really appreciated you writing
in the first section that you don't need to read this like
a novel, more like a guidebook. It is so good - it really
held my attention."

Marilyn (CT) mother of two brides, one groom

* Zola survey in BRIDES Magazine, 11/21

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