"I really LOVED this book! Wish I had it when we were
planning our daughter's wedding."

Sue (NJ) mother of the bride

"I'm sure people will benefit from this wealth of
knowledge and insight. I wish I had this information
way back when we were planning our wedding."

Eddie (NJ) future father of engaged kids

"The book is concise and well written and I think it
outlines and suggests to the happy couple how best to
maximize the participation and help from their parents
not only on the material components but also the
development of a loving think tank who can share their
life experiences. Overall I think the book will provide
valuable assistance to a bride and groom planning their

Kathy (NJ) mother of the bride

"This is fantastic - I would definitely recommend it to my
friends and family. I will purchase a copy and refer back
to it in the year 2050 when I will be planning my daughter's
(she's now one year old) wedding!"

Lisa Marie (NJ) planned three weddings

"I just finished the book and the first thing I have to say
is that I really enjoyed it. It is very well written and above
all, comprehensive! I think you covered everything. I especially
liked 'reflections of the bride and groom' and the personal
examples of various situations that were described. I also loved
the humor such as 'Sit happens' lol and also LOVED the
'12 words, 4 phrases to live by'!!"

Gail (NJ), Experienced Mother of the Bride

"I just finished reading the wedding book - it's perfect. I
enjoyed so many sections. It brought back many memories
of 4 weddings we had in 4 years. I especially liked 'Truth
& Consequences' - heavy duty issues for sure. 'Flexibility'
was another one I enjoyed - good stuff. Another favorite
was "Sit Happens!' You have a gift for writing. I know you
will help many people planning a wedding. So much good advice!!"

Karen (NJ) mother of the groom three times, mother of
the bride once

"Great information and great advice! I loved '12 Words,
4 Phrases to Live By'"

Lisa (NY) mother of the groom

"It was neat reading the bride and groom sections and the
parents points of view, making it easy to see both sides
of important issues, and how best to resolve them."

Jason (CA) recently married

"We were married in 1954 and I can tell you the planning
issues we had almost 70 years ago are the same as couples
have today. I learned a lot and wish your book would have
been around back then!"

Jackie (NJ) happily married over 60 years

"It's GREAT and very well-written. I love the tone and clarity."

Deborah (IL), College English Professor

"This beautiful book is just perfect. It made me
think back to my wedding and all the planning involved.
I think it hit every topic possible and offers great

Laura (NJ) planned her wedding

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